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   Hi! I'm Averie Gannon, the creator, writer, and host of the Military B.R.A.T. Podcast. I was born in San Diego, CA, and have moved across the country. I have also had the privilege of living overseas, but am currently living in Virginia as a 10th grader. I love to share my passions, which  include film, travel, and business, to anyone who will listen!

   Early on, I did not have many friends that were military children. It was not until I spent five years in Japan and attended schools on base did I really meet other children who understood the struggles and hardships of military life. Along with the general interest of my non-military friends, I eventually formulated the idea behind the podcast.

  After many long hours of planning, writing, and editing, I was finally able to clue a few of my closest friends in on what I was spending all my time on. With their immense amounts of help and patience, the show was slowly born and turned into what you hear today! I know I speak for all of us when I say we hope you enjoy!

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